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Rob Martin

My Handsome visage

So that I don’t repeat the details of my Linkedin Profile, the basics are as follows.

  • I’m a father of two wonderful kids, pictures of whom I endlessly spam share with friends and family on Google+.
  • I’m married to a very intelligent and sympathetic woman, who will be canonised, eventually.
  • I studied Art History long enough to realise that I’d never make a good academic Art Historian.
  • I spend way too much money on gadgets, a situation worsened by my recent discovery of ibuygou.com et al the fact that I can name this as commodity fetishism merely compounds things.
  • I’m interested in the intersection of technology and culture and on particularly optimistic days get quite giddy with excitement exploring the possible uses of technology to enhance learning & teaching, on other days grumpy would be more accurate description.
  • I trained as a teacher, taught History, became an ICT Consultant for the local authority, managed a City Learning Centre and am now an independent educational consultant which is a very long way of saying freelance.
  • I’m a partner in Beta Filmworks which delivers one of the BFI Film Academies
  • I’m an Into Film Into Film CPD Practitioner.
  • I’m rather fond of Google Apps for Education and am a Google Education Certified Trainer and Innovator.

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