Strictly more Pi : part 2

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Google + Pano of Mark and Ashleigh performing
A Google+ Pano of Mark & Ashleigh's performance.

Mark and Ashleigh danced 3 times for us; a Viennese Waltz, a Tango and something Richard Claydermanesque. I only know the first from the movies, the second from The Gotan Projects’ “La Revancha Del Tango” while the third seems inexplicably and inescapably linked to the 80’s melodrama “The Thorn Birds” staring with Richard Chamberlain, go figure, and here you thought I was going all “high brow.”

The Pi “Dance, sensor, camera thingymebob Pi™“ was a one shot deal, the scripts started on boot and ran until I manually stopped them by connecting an ethernet cable and ssh’ing back into the Pi and running sudo /etc/init.d/dance90fps stop and sudo /etc/init.d/xloborgdata stop. Not very elegant at all, but it would do for a first run.

The Viennese Waltz

As seen from Claire’s iPad

As seen from Mark’s Google Glass

The Tango

As seen from Claire’s iPad

As seen from Ashleigh’s “Dance, sensor, camera thingymebob Pi™“

The Final Dance

The Final Dance as seen from with Claire’s iPad

The Final Dance as from with Mark’s Google Glass

The Final Dance as seen from with Ashleigh’s “Dance, sensor, camera thingymebob Pi™“

The thing to remember is that Ashleigh’s headcam was recording at 90fps and even then it stuggled to capture the speed of her motion as they performed. In the next post (i.e. when I work out how to do it) I’ll post the data captured from the XLoBorg and complete the triptych.

Reflections aka Things I wish I’d thought of at the start

My kit bag would have included the following:

  1. a pen
  2. a notepad
  3. a stopwatch
  4. a clapperboard

It turned out to be rather more time consuming than I thought finding the start and end points of each performance in the 1.2GB 90fps file, and a basic note of start/stop times would have made the last few days a lot easier.

It would also be very useful to have a working video-editing software, because Linux. Pitivi did it’s usual trick of pretending to start and atempting to import the raw footage only to vanish with a “What’d you expect?” Kdenlive, pulled in a monster truck of dependancies and took an absolute age to render. These are both really cool open source projects but they’re not there yet.

So in the end my editing workflow looked something like this.

Handwritten scrawl of timing details
How not to edit.

followed by commands like

ffmpeg -ss 0 -t 00:04:32 -i ashleigh_clayderman.mp4 ashleigh_clayderman_2.mp4

Which is the polar opposite of non-destructive editing, but “you live and learn”

PowerUp 3.0

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