Playing with Google Glass : part 2

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Wyke Beck Cycle Route
Wykebeck Way.

So I went you for a quick bike ride, just to test out Glass, it was either that or annoy my family all evening by annunciating at regular intervals “ok glass. Take a photo” or “ok glass. Record a video” so I figured I’d do that in public on a bike, as you do.

Wyke Beck Way

Wyke Beck Way

I trundled off along the Wyke Beck Way talking to myself/Glass as I went. My fears of the Glass slipping off and being crushed under my wheels proved unfounded, they fit rather snuggly under my helmet. I had some fun taking a few photos, “ok glass. Take a photo”

Chasing Rabbits Sunset at Roundhay Lake Harehill Cemetery
Photos taken on the move.

I had some fun sending messages to my wife “ok glass. Send a message to” the voice recognition worked pretty well considering my huffing and puffing but you can judge for yourself.

Send a message to, Google Glass command
>Voice recognition in action.

Action Sequence

No write up about Google Glass would be complete without the obligatory “ok glass. Record a video” action sequence, so without further ado I give you, the imaginatively titled.

Cycling with Google Glass

PowerUp 3.0

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